Bold Leads offers more than 40 landing page designs for you to choose from. These landing pages have advanced features such as partial lead capturing, tools and calculators that will generate more leads than other landing pages. Bold Leads offers to set these up for you, which will save you a lot of time.

Like other real estate lead generation companies, Bold Leads can manage your social media and search engine advertising for you. The company claims to have managed over 7 million in Facebook ads, which is quite impressive.

Automated lead follow-up is available in more than just email campaigns. Bold Leads is capable of following up with potential clients via text messages, emails, voicemails and more. This is leaps and bounds above other software that is only capable of sending follow-up emails.  This is all managed in a robust Customer Relationship Management tool (CRM) that tracks lead activity.

Bold Leads offers free training for its customers as well, which isn’t something commonly seen in this industry. Training helps real estate agents learn more about marketing and conversions. The company’s goal is to help you convert leads into clients.

Bold Leads Reviews:

The company’s website is filled with positive success stories from its clients. No surprises there. Most companies only display positive reviews on their website. Some customers claim they’re receiving so many good leads that they do not have time to follow up with them all. A good problem to have!

Bold Lead reviews off-site are mostly positive as well. The company has several positive reviews on and their BBB page with an A+ rating.  There are a few negative reviews on the BBB page and one negative review on When reading through these negative reviews, a response from Bold Leads that stood out to us was the following:

“As stated in our terms of service BL makes no promise or guarantee of lead volume, quality, or lead conversion rates.”

While this is standard legal talk, it’s important to take note. Not every real estate agent is going to have the same experience, and if yours is poor you may not be able to get a refund. The company advises this customer to make use of the free training to improve their experience with the product, which sounds like good advice to us.

Overall, it looks like a primary theme with the negative reviews is the way the leads are collected by Bold Leads. Seller leads could be clients who simply want a home evaluation for free and may not be interested in selling their home yet. Something keep in mind as you enter a contract.

Contract Required: BBB reviewers mention a contract, but this has not been confirmed with Bold Leads.

Bold Leads Cost: Annual, Biannual and Monthly pricing. Monthly prices range from $299 – $899 per month.

Average Cost Per Lead:

Exclusivity: Only 1 agent per zip code allowed

Automated response & follow-up system: Yes

Years in Business: Since 2013

BBB Rating: A+

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