Commissions INC, or “CINC” as they refer to themselves, is another real estate lead generation company that was recently purchased by Fidelity. The company offers a full suite of real estate marketing solutions including website creation templates, a CRM tool and automated marketing systems including custom email drip campaigns, mass email and text campaigns, and much more.

The CINC CRM was built for real estate teams and makes it easy for brokers or agents to assign leads out to different team members. Like many other CRMs, the CINC CRM can integrate with other lead generation platforms such as Gmail, Dotloop, nfusionsoft, Velocify, Bomb Bomb etc. so that all leads are stored in one spot. It also records each lead’s activities on your website so you can see what pages your leads viewed and what properties they are interested in.Overall, CINC seems to offer many of the same features as other real estate CRMs on the market.

What sets CINC apart from the competition is the fact that a contract is NOT required to do business. A company that does not require a contract is willing to put its money where its mouth is. This is a very good sign.

In addition to website templates, a CRM tool and marketing systems, CINC also offers appointment setting services. With this service, CINC will call your leads for you, filter them, and then set a time for you to call the lead back. This can be extremely helpful for agents who aren’t able to call their leads within 5 minutes because if a lead is not called within 5 minutes your chances of connecting with the lead diminishes drastically. It can also be helpful for agents who are just simply tired of wasting time on the phone with leads who are kicking tires and wasting time.

Lastly, CINC offers a plethora of training and educational opportunities for its customers. Agents can join the CINC community and network with other agents to learn best practices and hone their skills. There is also an educational CINC Summit once per year that agents can attend.

Commissions Inc Reviews:

CINC reviews online are mostly positive. Customers like having access to all of CINC’s tools and features in one place. The support is highly regarded and the in-house programming team is receptive to feedback. CINC customers feel like the CINC team has their back.

Some customers think the software is easy to navigate, while others think it’s confusing. A software with a ton of features will naturally have a learning curve. 

Customers don’t like not being able to automatically send emails to leads when new properties are added to the market. There are also some bugs with the product, but overall these appear to be fixed relatively quickly. The company only has 1 complaint on the BBB. Some customers think the software is too expensive.

Contract Required: No

Commissions Inc Cost: Free Demo. Some reviews have mentioned paying $1,400 per month.

Average Cost Per Lead: Unknown

Exclusivity: Yes, leads are generated by you on your website

Automated response & follow-up system: Yes

Years in Business: Since 2011

BBB Rating: A

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