Flipt is a real estate lead generation company that focuses on finding clients looking to sell their home in your zip code areas. The company provides you with a free landing page and helps you create ads that drive traffic to this landing page. The company claims you can be up and running with their system in just 2 minutes.

Flipt differentiates from competitors by knowing what websites are the best for acquiring home seller leads. Your ads will only show on these website so your advertising is never wasted. If you were to try and find these websites yourself, you’d need to spend a lot of money acquiring the necessary research. According to the website, Flipt ads appear on Facebook, Instagram and 4 million mobile apps. This is how Flipt can save you not just time, but money.

Flipt also prides itself on its “predictive analytics” technology. Apparently, this technology helps real estate agents be the first agent a client contacts when selling a home. Because most home sellers work with the first real estate agent they contact, this is a big deal.

According to the Flipt website, Flipt does not have a lead nurturing CRM. The company has a dashboard that you can log in to and view your leads and manage your ads, but there is no mention of email drip campaigns or any other type of lead follow up tools. However, it appears their CRM is capable of integrating with Moxi Works, ZAP and Top Producer, which may have more tools to help with lead nurturing. The CRM will also send leads a warm up email and text message.

A red flag is the fact that Flipt mentions “Guaranteed” at the end of one of their videos, but in a response to one of their customer’s complaints on the BBB, Flipt states, “we do not make any guarantees.”

We like that Flipt was built by two former real estate agents. The CEO has a background running a brokerage, which is always a good sign for a real estate lead generation company.

Flipt Reviews:

Flipt reviews and testimonials online are a mix of positive and negative. Testimonials on the company’s website shows customers on video praising Flipt’s product. Video reviews are always best because they are extremely difficult to fake, so this is a very good sign.

The company also holds an A with the BBB with 2 complaints. One complaint mentions only receiving 10 leads within 3 months. Another complaint from 2016 thought the leads were low quality.

More recent reviews on Activerain.com are generally positive. Agents feel the leads are a good value. Older reviews from 2016 are not so positive though with a few agents complaining about the quality of the leads. It looks like Flipt has cleaned up their act and now offers better leads in 2018 than they did in 2016.

Contract Required: Reviews online mention a contract, but it appears this contract is for three months and then you are able to pay monthly. This is only speculation based on online reviews.

Flipt Cost: Cost not available online, but there are no setup fees.

Average Cost Per Lead: A Flipt response to a complaint on the BBB says,on average, our product results in about 10 inquiries per month.”

Exclusivity: Yes, leads are exclusive.

Automated response & follow-up system: No

Years in Business: Since 2014

BBB Rating: A

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