It appears that some seller leads are provided after a customer submits information on a website called These leads come with key details from potential clients including property details, listing timeframes, zip code and more.

Other leads are generated by driving traffic directly to your personalized IDX website. Market Leader exercises its expertise with Pay Per Click marketing to drive consumers searching for homes on search engines to your website.

In regards to the CRM, everything is pretty straight forward. The CRM helps keep you organized and integrates with lead source sites like Zillow, Trulia, It also shows you where your leads are going on your website and what properties they are viewing and saving. This all sounds very similar to the features in Placester’s CRM.

The websites can be customized to your brand and include MLS listing integration and the option to add a blog. There aren’t many other details on what these websites are capable of on the Market Leader website.

Market Leader marketing services can assist you with both digital and print marketing strategy. This includes email, postcards and more. The company also offers training via webinars that covers topics such as lead conversion optimization and how to get more traffic to your website.

Market Leader Reviews:

Market Leader reviews on its website itself are, of course, outstanding. One customer mentioned closing 2M in sales with the help of Market Leader tools. Another felt it helped him bring his team “to the next level.”

Market Leader reviews off-site are mix of positive and negative. In general, negative reviews on the BBB tend to mention that the leads are poor in quality. Many reviewers also claim they were tricked into signing contracts. Market Leader’s response to these allegations isn’t a bit unnerving. Many of their responses say “you signed a contract” and claim that their leads are guaranteed to come with accurate info. It’s great that they guarantee accurate info, but they do not guarantee that their leads are actually interested in buying or selling a home vs just casually browsing online.

Positive reviews on sites like and mention the professional look of the website and marketing materials. Agents think the CRM is user-friendly and packed with useful features. Overall, agents seem to really like the automated emails that are sent to leads to keep them engaged.

Similar to Placester, Market Leader appears to be used by many  agents of Keller Williams, which gives it some credibility.

Contract Required: Yes. Reviews of Market Leader mention 6-12 month contracts with 72 hour rescission period. Market Leader does not appear to let customers out of these contracts lightly, so make sure you know what you’re buying before you sign anything.

Market Leader Cost: Costs are not mentioned on the Market Leader website, but reviews mention costs starting at as little as $90/month and going up to around $500/month.

Average Cost Per Lead:

Exclusivity: Yes

Automated response & follow-up system: Yes

Years in Business: Since 1999

BBB Rating: A+

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