Offrs is a real estate lead generation company that provides real estate agents with seller leads and lead nurturing tools. The company was founded in 2013 and is based in Sarasota, Florida.

Offrs uses its Smart Data technology to predict which homeowners in the agent’s location are most likely to sell their homes soon. This data allows agents to reach out to homeowners first before they speak with other real estate agents. The fact is, 75% of homeowners choose to work with the first real estate agent they speak with.

Unlike other real estate lead generation companies that offer a similar service, Offrs differentiates itself by contacting the leads itself first to verify that the homeowners are indeed looking to sell. One of the most common complaints from customers using other similar software is poor lead quality that isn’t actually looking to sell their home. The fact that Offrs verifies the intent of the homeowner before providing the lead to the real estate agent is a big selling point for Offrs.

Offrs also helps real estate agents nurture the leads after they’ve been provided with automated marketing tools. Agents can send homeowners branded property reports instantly as soon as the lead is provided. This helps the agent make a good impression with the homeowner early in the process.

Offrs Reviews

Offrs has several positive video reviews on its website, which is always a good sign. A video review is the most trustworthy type of review. It is unlikely that someone would be willing to praise a company in a video unless that person truly endorses the product.

Video reviewers like how much time and money Offers saves them. Several reviewers mention how valuable it is to narrow down their lists of thousands of prospects to just a few hundred. They save time on cold calls and money on any marketing material they send.

One reviewer who owns a brokerage mentioned that Offers’ helps him keep his agents happy because he’s able to send them good, warm leads rather than cold leads.

Reviews off-site are generally very positive as well. Several reviewers on, Yelp and praise the product. Like most real estate lead generation companies, Offrs has received a few complaints. Most complaints come from agents who are upset with not getting enough leads, and not about the quality of the leads themselves. In most cases, Offrs seems to provide a refund for these agents who haven’t received enough leads.

Contract Required: Month to month

Offrs Cost: The cost to use Offrs is dependent on the number of territories you choose to buy and the number of properties in each territory. You will pay more for a territory with more properties. It does not appear that the location of the territory affects the price because a territory in Omaha, Nebraska with 1,000 properties costs about the same as a territory in Manhattan, New York with 1,000 properties. A territory with about 1,000 properties costs about $200 per month on the “Agent” plan, which can be used by up to 3 team members. Teams and brokerages with more than 3 team members will need to use the Enterprise plan that costs an extra $1,500 per month on top of the cost of each individual territory.

Average Cost Per Lead: One reviewer mentioned that for every $1 he spent with Offrs, he got $8 in return.

Exclusivity: Yes. Only one agent is allowed per territory.

Automated response & follow-up system: Yes. Agents can send homeowners branded property reports instantly as soon as the lead is provided.

Years in Business: Since 2013

BBB Rating: Not Rated

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