Placester also offers CRM and email marketing tools to help you stay organized and nurture your leads. These tools can integrate with popular lead sources such as Zillow, Trulia, so that all of your leads are stored in one place.

The CRM and email marketing tools work together to help you stay in contact with your leads. The more information you add about each lead, the more targeted your email marketing campaigns can be. Placester already has many email templates written for you, so all you have to do is personalize them with your logo. The email marketing tool can even set up drip campaigns so you can focus on being a real estate agent while the system does all of the lead nurturing work for you.

Placester has a unique product called Open Home Pro for tablet devices. This is a digital sign-up form that you can set up at your open houses to capture more information about your visitors. Open Home Pro can help you find visitors to your open house that have a home to sell and don’t have an agent yet. A great product that isn’t offered by many of the other real estate lead generation companies.

Because the website, CRM and email tools are all integrated, you’re able to collect key details on each visitor to your website. You can see what each potential lead is doing on your website, what homes they view, what tools they interacted with and what searches they’ve saved.

Placester is truly an all-in-one package because the company also offers blogging and content management services. Blog posts can help improve the website’s SEO, so you’ll ultimately end up with more leads. You could write these yourself to save money, but writing can be very time consuming for some.

Placester Reviews:

Placester reviews are all over the place. Some love the service and others hate it. Their BBB page has 10 complaints and 4 negative reviews, which isn’t a good sign. A trend amongst the complaints are real estate agents asking for a refund and being denied. Or, cancelling their account, but continue to be billed. In most cases, it seems like Placester refunds the money after the customer makes a complaint on the BBB. Although these are negative experiences, the fact that they are not related to the quality of the leads and that Placester eventually refunds the money is a good sign. Make sure to read the fine print and fully understand what you’re buying to avoid being in this same situation.

There are several positive Placester reviews on other websites around the Internet including and a few on Reviewers on like the simplicity of the set up, but more advanced users think it’s too simple without enough customization options and attention to detail. Generally, agents feel the product is a good value for all that you get. Several agents have mentioned features of the product not working and not getting fixed.

It appears that Placester is now provided to agents of Keller Williams, which gives it some credibility.

Contract Required: Yearly commitment required.

Placester Cost: Pricing is separated into two plans, Agent Pro and Broker Pro. Agent Pro is $99/month + $99 set up and Broker Pro is $199 per month + $199 set up. Both plans allow you to pay for a year up-front at a discount.

Average Cost Per Lead:

Exclusivity: Leads are generated through your own website, so yes they are exclusive to you.

Automated response & follow-up system: Yes

Years in Business: Since 2011

BBB Rating: B+

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