RealSpace is a real estate CRM software that helps real estate professionals generate, manage and nurture real estate leads. The software has a broad range of uses and can be helpful for brokers, agents, property managers and even developers. The company is based in both the UK and USA.

RealSpace can create beautiful websites for real estate agents in just a few minutes. The websites sync with the RealSpace content management system where listings can be added and removed with ease. Modern templates are provided and come with a slew of features including MLS integration, responsive design, blog, mortgage calculator, Google map integration and more. Leads collected through the website are stored in the RealSpace CRM.

The RealSpace CRM helps real estate professionals manage and nurture their leads. The CRM can set event triggered action plans that help agents move leads along through the closing process. Agents can see where the lead is at in the process with a Timeline View that tracks progress. Here agents can see whether a lead is “hot” or “cold” so they know where to allocate their time.

The CRM also comes with a few features not seen often in other real estate CRMs. For example, the RealSpace CRM can record birthdays, hobbies and other relationship building details about each lead so agents can increase their conversion rates. There is also a workflow feature that can help agents and teams follow set procedures. Perhaps the most unique feature of the CRM is the ability to produce individually branded brochures, email templates, letterheads and more for the agent or team.

Like other real estate CRMs, reporting and analytics are available. Custom dashboards can be created that help managers quickly identify top agents within each team.

Property managers will love the RealSpace features made just for them. Managers can have all their tenants’ contracts and notes in one place. Portals can be created for each property, so tenants can log in and request work orders, renew their leases and more. Notes on service providers can also be stored so property managers know who still needs to be paid and if any bills are overdue.

Real estate developers also have a few features built just for them. Developers can track and manage ongoing construction projects in one place. Here developers can view details about each property such as price history, floor plans, current and previous owners, availability status and more. Clients can be stored in the CRM along with any of their relevant details such as conversation history with an agent, payment statements and more. Reservation forms and purchase agreements can also be easily generated and printed.

Managing payments and pricing updates is also made easier by RealSpace. The RealSpace CRM for developers can record payment history of each unit and even send out documents to clients so they know where they are at on their current and future payments. Bulk updates to pricing can be done easily with RealSpace and is used often when a new price reduction goes in to effect.

RealSpace Reviews

RealSpace reviews online are overwhelmingly positive. Customers say the product has more features than others in this price range. Many customers agree that the CRM is very easy to use and the support at the company is excellent.

Contract Required: Annual or monthly contracts. Annual contracts come with a discount.

RealSpace Cost: 14-day free trial.

Billed Annually Prices

Standard edition: $708 + VAT per year ($59/month)

Pro Edition: $948 + VAT per year ($79/month)

Monthly prices

Standard edition: $59 + VAT per month

Pro Edition: $95 + VAT per month

Average Cost Per Lead: Not applicable.

Exclusivity: Yes, leads are generated on your own personal website and are only given to you.

Automated response & follow-up system: Yes, automated actions are possible within the CRM.

Years in Business: Since 2012

BBB Rating: Not Rated

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