TORCHx is a real estate lead generation company owned by This is an all-in-one platform that helps real estate agents find and convert homebuyer leads. The product can build an IDX website for you and then nurture any leads that are captured through this website with email and text message drip campaigns.

The TORCHx website is packed with features including real-time IDX updates and automatic landing page creation for every county, city and neighborhood in your MLS. Each website is SEO optimized so it has the potential of showing up in Google for various keyword searches. The website is also responsive, so the website will work on mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

TORCHx is a Google premier partner, so the company is fully qualified to manage your Google Ads campaigns for you. Having a Google premier partner manage your Google Ads campaigns can result in a lower cost per lead for you over time.

The TORCHx CRM filters any leads that come in through lead verification filters to ensure accurate information. This will save you time by preventing you from calling and emailing customers who gave incorrect information on your website. The CRM can also manage email and text message drip campaigns for you. This will keep your leads engage and will ultimately result in your showing more homes to clients.

Several other CRMs are capable of email drip campaigns, but most are not capable of text drip campaigns. This is a feature that sets TORCHx apart from the competition.

The CRM can also integrate with other lead source platforms such as Zillow and so you can keep all of your leads in one place.

TORCHx Reviews:

TORCHx reviews online are a mix of positive and negative. One reviewer was upset that TORCHx was not capable of setting up email forwarding. This means you may need to set up a seperate email address when you switch their system. Another reviewer felt misled into believing he or she would be receiving more leads than they did after a three month period.

Other customers praise the product and like how it creates landing pages for each town because this can help with the SEO. Some customers switched from Boomtown to TORCHx and noticed an increase in organic leads from the TORCHx website. Customers also like the in-depth information displayed on the website including market stats and school rankings.

Despite being a company, there doesn’t seem to be much info available online about TORCHx. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it does show that other real estate lead generation companies are likely more popular.

Contract Required: Unknown

TORCHx Cost: One review on mentioned paying $700 a month as of May, 2018.

Average Cost Per Lead: Unknown

Exclusivity: Leads are generated on your website, so they are exclusive to you.

Automated response & follow-up system: Yes

Years in Business: Unknown

BBB Rating: None found. BBB is A+.

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  1. I just finished a demo with TORCHx… The site I was shown in the demo looked dated. They wanted $949 for setup and $1,099 per month for their Bronze Level which was their lowest level of service. Way too expensive! I like my Placester site. ..

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