zBuyer is a large real estate lead generation company that has been operating for quite a while. The company sells both buyer and seller leads in any area you choose. They use a variety of marketing methods to collect their leads ranging from website ads and search engine optimization to affiliate networks and print advertising. Unlike other real estate lead generation companies, zBuyer appears to do all of the work for you. They provide the lead and it’s up to you to call. No websites for you to build or marketing campaigns for you to manage.

Agents love the mobile app zBuyer has built to manage the leads. With the app, agents are able to quickly pull up each lead’s information before a call. Agents can also receive lead notifications through email or text if they prefer.

zBuyer Reviews:

There are several zBuyer reviews on various websites across the Internet. Some agents have great success with the leads while others feel the leads are low value. A general trend seems to be that agents who work hard and treat the leads as a numbers game have the most success. zBuyer itself says on its website that real estate is a numbers game, so it seems that is their angle when it comes to real estate leads. Agents who call a few leads and give up do not seem have success with zBuyer leads.

According to several reviews on trulia.com, zBuyer leads are sometimes out of date with incorrect contact information. Agents may need to spend a few minutes on the phone with each lead to verify their information. Some agents do not have a problem with this given the low price point, but others want their leads to be perfect before calling them.

Contract Required: Not displayed on website, but reviews around the Internet indicate that month-to-month contracts are available.

zBuyer Cost: Not displayed on website, but reviews around the Internet show costs starting from $100 per month.

Average Cost Per Lead: Not applicable. You pay per month and are provided as many leads as they have available in your area.

Exclusivity: Unknown

Automated response & follow-up system: Not applicable. This is not that type of service.

Years in Business: Since 2003

BBB Rating: A+

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