Their kvCORE product is targeted towards brokerages and comes with everything a brokerage needs to compete in today’s world. This includes website and landing page creation tools, a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool, a transaction management tool, an automated response & follow-up tool and more.

Their Kunversion+ product is targeted towards teams and individual agents and comes with many of the same things that kvCORE comes with. IDX website creation tools, a CRM, and automated response & follow-up tool.

Similar to a few other tools, the Kunversion+ tool uses behavioral automation to help identify the best leads in your CRM. This is designed to save you time by helping you get a higher response rate with clients.

One unique aspect of the Kunversion+ tool is the ability to automatically pull all listings from the MLS and manage them from within your own Kunversion+ system. This is another time saving feature because you won’t have to go back and forth between the MLS and Kunversion+. Instead, everything will be in one place for you. Another unique aspect to Kunversion+ is the mobile app that can be shared with clients to help them with their home search. Seeing as how we are all addicted to our phones these days, this consumer-facing mobile app likely results in more sales and ultimately more commissions for agents.

Inside Real Estate also offers marketing automation services through its Circlepix product. With this product, all you need to do is upload your listings info and images and Circlepix does the rest. It will automatically post on your social pages and create digital and print assets for you to use.Lastly, the Brokersumo product is available through Inside Real Estate and helps brokerages with their accounting needs. This product can help brokerages manage their agents by calculating commissions, tracking credits and debits and more.

Inside Real Estate Reviews:

Inside Real Estate has several success stories on its website. Like pretty much all other real estate lead generation companies, these reviews are all overwhelmingly positive. This is why many agents refer to off-site reviews for their objective opinions.

When looking off-site the Inside Real Estate reviews are both positive and negative. There is a good mix of negative and positive reviews on Facebook and Negative reviews seem to mention a poor technical user experience with the product. Some users have noticed several glitches that they’d like to see fixed. Others are disappointed with the lack of customization options. Several negative reviews mention “fast talking” salesmen, which is usually a red flag. On the other hand, positive reviews love the automation and analytic aspects of the tool. Brokers like that they can turn off the tool for agents that aren’t using it to save on cost.

Contract Required: Unknown

kvCORE: Unknown

Kunversion Cost: Unknown

Average Cost Per Lead: Unknown

Exclusivity: Unknown

Automated response & follow-up system: Yes

Years in Business:

Kunversion BBB Rating: A+

Circlepix BBB: C+

BBB Rating:

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