Smart Zip has an outreach program with an internal team of sales agents that can call leads for you and verify their intention to sell. Once their internal team qualifies the lead, Smart Zip can transfer the lead to you so you can be the first agent to win a listing presentation. Smart Zip will stay in contact with the lead until there is an opportunity for them to send the lead to you. This is a convenient feature that likely results in a lot of positive results for the real estate agent.

Smart Zip acquired a company called Reach 150 which helps you stay in front of potential customers with ads around the Internet. This works similar to Google Ads Remarketing. You’ll need a list of potential customer emails to make use of this product.

Smart Zip’s SmartTargeting technology can identify homeowners in your contacts who are likely to move within the next 6 months. This can help you connect with these contacts before other agents.

Smart Zip Reviews:

Smart Zip has several positive testimonials on its website. Off-site, the company has a mix of positive and negative reviews.Most reviews are concentrated on sites including,, the BBB and There are 10 complaints on the BBB as of 7/30/18.

Most customers praise the product, but the ones that complain typically feel they did not get a good value from the service. These customers feel cheated because they realized they could do everything themselves for a lower cost. This is a bit short sighted because you could of course do everything yourself at a lower cost, but you’d lose the convenience and expertise of Smart Zip.

Some customers mentioned spelling errors on postcard campaigns and frustrations with their landing pages being down and having to call to get them back up. These are legitimate complaints that the company will need to work to improve upon.

Contract Required: Unknown

Reach150 Cost: Reach150 can be purchased as a separate product from Smart Zip. It costs $30/month for the Basic plan and $99/month for the Pro plan.

Smart Zip Cost: Free Consultation

Average Cost Per Lead: Unknown

Exclusivity: Unknown

Automated response & follow-up system: Yes. Email nurturing is included.

Years in Business: Since 2008

BBB Rating:

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