Zurple is one of the many real estate lead generation companies that can help you find more customers. Like many other companies, Zurple creates a website or several websites for you in any location you serve and then helps your market that website on search engines and social media.

What sets Zurple apart from others is its Conversations™ technology and patent pending algorithms. Their technology provides you with several details about each lead such as the lead’s location, search history, preferred property type and more. It can also identify leads that are most likely to buy a home in the near future. Knowing these details can help you engage with more potential clients.

Zurple also has an automated response & follow-up system that will email your leads for you. These emails are custom designed for each lead based on their preferences and search behavior. Custom emails keep leads engaged and increase the chances of you making a home viewing appointment with the lead.

Zurple Reviews:

Zurple reviews around the Internet are a mix of positive and negative. On Zurple’s website itself, there are several positive testimonials from their customers. All of these customer’s praise the product highly, with some mentioning that the product paid for itself within a few months.

Zurple reviews off-site aren’t nearly as impressive. There are several negative reviews on activerain.com, sitejabber.com, capterra.com and more. Negative reviews mention high-pressure sales tactics, poor leads and poor customer service. Many customers simply feel like they did not get a good value from the service. Every company gets negative reviews, but these reviews have not been responded to by Zurple, which is a bit concerning.

Contract Required: Likely, but not confirmed. Free consultation

Zurple Cost: Free consultation

Average Cost Per Lead: Free consultation

Exclusivity: Free consultation

Automated response & follow-up system: Yes

Years in Business: Since 2006

BBB Rating: B+

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